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Sulzer Firearms LLC would be happy to assist you with your out-of-sate firearm(s) purchase. We accept firearms from FFL dealers as well as non-licensed individuals. We have come up with a process that we feel is the most efficient and quickest way to handle incoming transfer request. Our automated process makes it possible for customers to initiate transfers through us at their leisure. Please read this page in its entirety to make sure our process is a good fit for you.  

The Form
Fill out and submit the form below anytime you would like to initiate a transfer through us. The main purpose of the form is to help us keep track of who has what coming in. Submission of the form also automatically sends a copy of our FFL license to your dealer, which they will need before they can ship your firearm to us. Make sure you have the email address your vendor wants FFL licenses sent to as well as your order number (if applicable) on-hand before you go to fill out the form. Even if your vendor already has us “on file” we still need a submitted form for you. Once you have submitted the form you are good to go on our end.

Firearms shipped to Sulzer Firearms LLC are NOT available for pickup until we have had time to process the firearm(s). Once your firearm is received and processed we will send you an email letting you know your firearm is ready for pickup. Most firearms will be processed within 24 business hours of being received. Delivery Confirmation from UPS, Fed-Ex or etc. does NOT mean that the gun has been logged into our books and/or is ready for pickup. Guns are logged into our books in the order they are received, and may not always be available the same day. Please do not show up to pickup transfers until we have indicated to you they are ready to be picked up.



Handguns, Long Guns, Receivers, Frames, etc. - $20.00

NFA Transfers  -  $75.00

The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges to return a firearm to the vendor who sent it. There will also be a $10 processing fee to return Handguns and Receivers and a $20 processing fee to return Rifles and Shotguns.

We will be happy to hold your firearm for 7 days after we send notification your firearm is ready for pickup. In certain circumstances we can hold firearms longer. Please let us know in advance if you would like us to hold a firearm you plan to purchase longer than 7 days. Firearms that are not picked up after 7 days, and have not been approved for long-term storage, will be assessed a $10 per week storage fee. Firearms that have been abandoned or have not been picked up and fees settled will become property of the shop and sold after 90 days.