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How To Order



  • Fill out the order form listed below.
    Be sure to list all items in the inventory list that you are sending. We mean EVERY item you are sending. If it is not listed on the inventory list we cannot be held responsible for it. Be specific in your description of what you want done. You can upload pictures if you think that will help us get a better idea of your vision.

  • Once you complete and submit the form you will get an email with your order number. Print and include that email in your package or write your order number, name and phone number down and include it in the box with your parts.

  • If you are shipping to us directly and your package contains a serialized part considered to be a firearm by the ATF you need to include a good, legible, visible copy of your driver's license or State ID. NOTE: It is LEGAL for a non-licensed individual to ship a firearm to any federally licensed dealer or manufacturer. You do not have to go through an FFL to ship your firearm to us. However, if you live in a commie state please check your local laws first.

  • If you are getting your local FFL to ship us your firearm/parts make sure to get them to include a copy of their FFL.

  • Package your items up nice and secure for their journey remembering to include the above mentioned documents.
    We will not be held responsible for any items damaged in transit.

  • Ship to (or if you're local drop off at):

    BATON ROUGE, LA 70809
  • Once we receive your parts we will send you a confirmation email that they have arrived safely with an estimate for the project including return shipping. Please allow us time after your tracking number says 'delivered' for us to process your package and generate your estimate. We try to get everything processed within 24 hours excluding weekends.  

We do not charge you until your project is complete. Once your project is complete we will email you a notification with a payment link. We accept all major credit cards. Payment should be made within 7 days of notification your project is complete and receiving the payment link. In the event items are not paid for within 30 days the customer will be charged a $10 storage fee per week until the balance is reduced to zero and we are able to ship the customer's items back. After 90 days, items that have been abandoned or remain unpaid will be sold to cover the fees for our work. Having said that, we always try our best to work with customers, within reason, if an extenuating circumstance arises.